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Performance Display Advertising

Performance display advertising options in Australia exist through Google & Yahoo, with Google being the main focus with over 90% market share.

Performance display within Google was once known as there ‘content’ network but has developed over the years into a comprehensive program utilising text and image ads of various sizes and formats.

The media spend for these campaigns can be set at a cost per click, impression or acquisition level and customer targeting options range from demographic to site or keyword themes.

Performance display is a natural progression for most advertisers once they have seen success through the standard pay per click search engine channels, but can also be a starting point for advertisers in niche areas or advertisers undertaking branding campaigns.

The skill, knowledge and experience of your performance display campaign manager will affect how much the advertiser pays per click or impression and the number of resulting customer acquisitions.

As is standard in the industry, GossipNet charge you a percentage of your media spend as a fee to manage your campaign. Due to our operating structure & administration efficiencies, our fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

Your management fee covers new campaign creation, optimisations, ad copy creation, display ad creation, technology usage, account management, analysis and regular reporting.

Our people are also some of the most experienced in the industry ranging from 6 to 8 years experience per person in performance display campaign management and we consider our people & there optimising techniques to be the biggest influence on your results.

Our people are experts at not only performance display campaigns, but the full range of online marketing options and how they interact with each other. You can read more about the other individual areas of online marketing below:

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