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Mobile Websites

Over 165% increase in mobile web use in Australia over the past 3 years.Mobile compatibility is now an essential part of your online presence.

Mobile Websites – Is your website responsive, can you be found on any device?
Many websites do not function properly on a mobile phone, tablet or IPad. We are often asked by potential clients, why they are loosing so much traffic, when they are spending more than ever on their website marketing?

It has been proved that those clients that didn’t have mobile sites, were loosing valuable customers, who couldn’t enjoy the full experience of viewing services through an incompatible site on their mobile device. It’s a fact that mobile users that are looking for legal services on their phone usually have a more immediate need for services with the intention of locating specific pieces of information that are relevant to their search.

We have seen a huge jump in traffic for our clients that have made their websites mobile friendly. For little outlay, the return on investment pays for itself within the first month.

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GossipNet adhere to Google preferred method of Mobile Design creation.

Your PC version of your website could be getting penalised due to non mobile compliance.

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Some Recent Mobile Designs by GossipNet