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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that has become one of the most widely used website analytics packages in the world.

Website analytics is an important tool for your website so that you have full visibility into where your visitors come from and how they interact with your website.

This will provide you with important information that allows you to optimise your website and your online marketing campaigns.

Our people are highly experienced in using a number of analytics packages including Webtrends, Omniture & Hitslink, but our preferred analytics package is Google Analytics which we install on all the websites we build and/or manage.

Members of our team have been using Google Analytics for over 5 years and have undergone Advanced Google Analytics training with Mangold Sengers in Sydney and are Google Analytics Qualified Professionals.

This high level of understanding and technical expertise with Google Analytics allows us to deal with advanced analytics concepts and services provided within the package as well as allowing us to create custom tracking tags for your website. We can also perform Google Analytics audits if you are currently experiencing issues with your tracking.

We use Google Analytics to provide you with regular reports and measure the success of your online marketing campaigns including Pap Per Click, SEO, Performance Display and Social Media.

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