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Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a tool that allows you to easily manage the content published on your website.

GossipNet have been building and optimising websites for nearly 10 years and during this time we worked out how to best structure a service website for usability and SEO.

With this knowledge in mind we specified the perfect content management system for professional service businesses that will allow them to easily manage and update their own website or have their marketers do this for them.

Gossipnet’s preferred CMS is Wordpress and being completely customisable in nature we have modified our CMS for countless website uses such as large product sites and industrial B2B websites.

It is predominantly a field based CMS, so it minimises the client’s ability to ruin the formatting or layout of their website, whilst making it extremely easy to learn to use. Training takes no more than one hour and we continue to support you after the training is complete.

Being a web based CMS, you have the flexibility to access your CMS anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and your username and password.

We have maintained and continued to develop the GossipNet CMS over the years and we are currently on our third generation of this CMS that utilises asp and technology along with a MS SQL database.

Your CMS website is hosted on an Australian leading hosting provider (xHostSolutions). We manage your space within this hosting environment to independently run each CMS website and its database that contains your website data.

Our leading Australian hosting provider is (Ventraip) has an average up time of over 99.9% and because each site is run independently (not sharing resource with other sites as some CMS providers do), it’s unlikely that you will have any significant issues with your site. If you do, GossipNet will be your first point of contact for helpdesk queries. We can also discuss the use of other hosting providers as we are always flexible with our services.

What Does the GossipNet CMS do?
  • Allows you to easily manage staff, services, offices, documents and interlink between all these areas at ease.
  • Allows you to specify documents as a certain type that pre determines where they publish on your website
  • Allows you to prepare content on word documents and then copy and paste into the CMS to create web pages.
  • Allows you to manage documents of various types and add them to the website as html pages or upload as a PDF.
  • Allows you to manage separately any page you can’t fit into one of the predefined structures.
  • Allows you to specify and develop new custom areas for the CMS with the help of your developer, there is no restriction on what can be done.
  • Allows your marketers to enter SEO data such as Meta tags and use a range of technologies such as videos and Google maps.

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