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Are you ready to manage multiple websites?

Two questions for you right now:

  1. Does your business have the resources to manage more than one website?
  2. Do you realise that to market your business effectively online, that right now you should be managing 3 to 4 websites?

Did these first two questions worry you? They should. Because online marketing has become far more complex and time consuming and as a business you need to find a way to make all this work for you as your audience is already online.

The positive thing is that if you understand these challenges and work out an effective,  manageable strategy, then the rewards for your business will be good.

So let’s look at what we would define as business website properties in 2012.

Your Website List Now (In order of Importance)

  1. www. your primary business website*
  2. www. secondary business website for a sub area of what you do
  3. http://m. The mobile version of your website*
  4. Google places*
  5. Facebook business page*
  6. Twitter business page
  7. Google +

Yes all these sites and services are actually properties with their own audience that require individual (but inter connecting) strategies. As a business you may not need all 7 of these website properties active, depending on what you do and who your audience are, but you probably need at least 4 of them in 2012, those I have marked with a *

It is important to understand how much of your time and budget you should spend on each of these sites and also how that time and budget might be allocated differently as the years go on. The following is how the order of importance of these site might look in 3 more years time.

Your Website List in 3 Years From Now (In order of Importance)

  1. http://m. The mobile version of your website
  2. Facebook business page
  3. www. your primary business website
  4. Google + (probably fully integrated with Google Places)
  5. Apps
  6. Twitter business page
  7. www. secondary business website for a sub area of what you do
  8. Something new???

In the early years of SEO many of our customers were sold on the idea of releasing additional websites as the rewards were there for those that target specific areas of business with a website specific to that customer need.

This is still the case, the rewards are available for those that handle this concept correctly, but there are so many more websites you can produce in 2012 and they exist on a wider range of platforms.

Before stepping into the next website consider if you can answer these two questions with YES?

  1. Do I have the resources (including budget) to manage this new website?
  2. Will I be taking any resources away from my existing sites greater in proportion to the increase I will gain from the new site?

It is important to understand the available audience for each platform and the potential gains. It is also important to understand how that audience will increase or decline over the coming years.

You can also make things a lot easier for your business by understanding the connections and commonality between these different platforms and how you can use available services and technology to feed content and interact in these different platforms efficiently.

Examples of this include using a CMS system that allows you to produce both your primary website and mobile website or using online marketing tools that allow you to schedule the same post into Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

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