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Creating Good Landing Pages for Your Google Ads

A landing page is the first page on your website you direct a user to from a form of online advertising such as your Google Adwords paid ads. Its where they ‘land” and begin the experience on your website, hopefully eventually leading to some form of conversion to sales lead or outright sale.

There are a number of things to consider when creating a good website landing page.

Page loading speed

Google measure your page loading speed and excessive loading speeds can lead to your campaigns being paused, so don’t overload the page with graphics & videos and ensure your hosting delivers your website quickly. Users are commonly impatient, so they may also push the back button and click on the next ad if a page takes too long.

SEO optimisation helps PPC

A website and website pages constructed to good SEO standards will generally load quicker, be easy to navigate and provide a better quality score for Google ads, thus helping to provide you with lower cost per clicks for your Google ads.

Relevant pages to the ad copy

Whatever information you portray within your advert should be referenced on the first page the user lands on. For instance, if in your advert you offer a first consultation free, then ensure the landing page provides the user information about this offer.

Don’t overload the page with links or options

Keep the navigation and options on the page as simple as possible. When you provide the user with too many options they often won’t make a decision or go off and get lost in your site rather than making a decision to contact you.

Clear headings

Remember that users often do a scan over a page before deciding to continue reading. The supporting headings of theĀ  page will help them understand the content and draw in their interest. So using headings like “Introduction”, “Summary” and “Conclusion” tells them nothing about the message and content of the page. Be precise and descriptive.

The call to action

Don’t be afraid to tell the user what to do next. Your goal is to have them contact you or buy something or turn them into a potential sales lead. So at the end of the page or even at various stages of the page, tell them to contact you by phone or email (email is best controlled via a set form). Don’t provide too many variations, for instance give only 1 phone number not 3, less options makes the choice more simple.

Following these suggestions should ensure your landing page is a success and the money you spend getting people to your website is not wasted.

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