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GossipNet website CMS version 3.0 launched as beta

The launch of our new GossipNet website last week coincided with the launch of the third generation of our very own website CMS system.

The third generation of our highly successful, fully customisable CMS is now out in Beta and our very own GossipNet website was the first website built utilising this new technology.

The new CMS interface is not only a lot more pretty, but is now even more logical to use and quicker, which is an important consideration for any busy business.

The speed is gained by no longer utilising pop up windows when entering data into areas such as documents or staff profiles. This also stops conflicts with modern browser tools that are often auto set to stop pop up windows appearing.

Another important upgrade was to the wizzywig took utilised within sections such as document data entry, which allows for even cleaner cut and paste from word documents without ugly formatting issues appearing from your word document.

With the new CMS being more logical than ever we still stand by our claim that anybody can be trained to use the CMS within 60 minutes.

Below is a screenshot so you can see the new interface for yourself.

Existing GossipNet CMS customers will be contacted individually to advise when there old version of the CMS will be upgraded, of course at no extra cost. Enjoy

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