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Like it yourself as Facebook ceases RSS support

A little known policy change by Facebook as of 31 October sees businesses unable to auto feed their Facebook pages via RSS feeds.

Up until now it has been a common set up for businesses with regular content updates on their websites for information such as news, blogs posts, newsletters and articles to auto feed each update into their Facebook and Twitter page by using an RSS feed.

This saved the business the time needed to login to their Facebook account and post the update personally.

From a Facebook user perspective this update makes a lot of sense. No longer will you be bombarded with auto updates from a business just because you liked there page.

The business will now need to take the time to login and share the update, hopefully now with a bit more of a personal message as to why the update has been shared. Essentially Facebook is encouraging the business to interact more with its Facebook community.

GossipNet post regular content updates on the websites of many of our clients and with this new Facebook policy, if you provide us with the logins to your business Facebook account we will also post the content update into your Facebook account along with a personal message.

Now thats truly personal service you will like.

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