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Google Webmaster is now the ultimate duplicate content reporting tool

If you are not already using Google Webmaster tools for your website for great reasons such as:

  • Setting your websites geo targeting
  • Checking your Meta Title & Meta Descriptions are unique
  • Seeing how many links Google thinks you have and what quality it might see them as
  • Seeing impression and click through data for keywords driving traffic to your website

Then you have now have one more great reason to hurry up and do so.

Google has been adding new features to the webmaster tools almost every single month this year with the latest being a very cool tool that reports on whether your website contains any duplicate content and if that duplication is good or bad.

This month they have released alert messages within your webmaster account that will identify if your content is duplicated within your own site or across other domains you or somebody else own.

You might have done this intentionally, such as submitting your content out to other sites or creating a similar version of your website for another country you are targeting or it could be for a bad reason you didn’t know about such as somebody scraping your website and releasing a copy on another domain.

With Google’s new alerts about content duplication it actually has five different alert types which guide you to the different scenario’s so you know if it’s something to worry about or something you have set up yourself and Google are seeing it the way you deemed.

For instance if you publish two websites with shared content and you are using a canonical tag to point the content from one of the sites back to the other site to deem it the original home of that piece of content, you should now be able to see if Google have understood this correctly.

Google Webmaster is a very useful tool for most website owners and something we at GossipNet maintain for all our SEO clients. We recommend you take a look through your Google webmaster account once a month to do a quick health check of your website or at any point your site might have a crisis including big drops in rankings or traffic.

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