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Why is content so important for SEO?

There has for many years now been a saying within online marketing circles that “content is king”.

Well more so then ever this is true, especially since the advent of the Google Panda algorithm updates during 2011.

If you don’t know already, Google Panda is an update to the algorithm which is sort of like an extra rinse over the standard results that Google on average has released every month this year. Google have also been adding to and adjusting this special Panda rinse to try and get the right effect on their database and there results.

The target of this new Google Panda update has mainly been what Google deem to be low quality websites and websites that are duplicating content. If your website contains any of the following it has probably been affected negatively during 2011:

  1. Duplicate content pages within the site
  2. Large amounts of content from other sites
  3. Large amounts of pages with very little words on it (such as basic directory sites)
  4. Very small websites built on keyword rich domains such as websites built to displace adsense ads

In a lesser way the these sites have also been negatively affected during 2011:

  1. Websites that remain largely stagnant or have very few new pages added

Our optimisers have studied the data from over 50 websites that we manage and during 2011 we can confirm that the above is correct.

The majority of our clients partake in regular website content updates produced by our content services team or by the client themselves and during 2011 we have seen every one of those websites continue to show positive SEO traffic growth.

The few sites we manage that have literally no content updates each month have shown zero or negative growth in SEO traffic during 2011.

Clients that have mixed regular content updates with responsible link building and social media activities have seen the strongest growth, many of the around 5% to 10% growth in SEO traffic month on month.

We thought we would share this neatly made graphic representation of the important SEO factors  and Google Panda put together by the folks over at Brafton News. Enjoy.

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