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What’s All This Fuss About Google+

You have probably heard a fair bit of noise lately about the latest Facebook competitor named “Google+” from none other than Google.

But what does this new Facebook competitor mean for business owners and should they be getting involved?

The really simple answer right now is “No”, don’t bother, but keep watching this space.

The long answer goes something like this.

Google started the Google+ social media service to compete with Facebook. They first released it by invite only as a Beta, which means you had to know somebody who was signed up who would then invite you to join. This meant it started with Google employee’s and went out through the online marketing and tech savvy people first.

Several weeks ago the Google+ service was opened up to the masses and Google now state this week that they have 40 million users signed up to Google+. This sounds impressive, but it’s not so impressive when you consider that a majority of these users are not active users whereas Facebook’s 800 million users and Twitters 100 million users have a far greater active user rate.

For instance I’m signed up to Google+ but have not been actively using it and my 40 or so contacts never seem to either.

Also with Google+ its not yet set up to have business pages or accounts, though I’m sure at some point they will or they will integrate it further with Google Places.

So for the lack of active user base and lack of business accounts, as a business, you can ignore it for now.

But of course, watch this space as things change in online fast, though it will take a few things to happen before most users will be bothered to actively update both Facebook and Google+ or dump one completely for the other.

On the other hand the Google+ buttons hitting websites and ads within Google’s search results are going to be important and over time effect results on a personal or even non personal basis. More about that in a future post but for the meantime, make sure your website gets the Google+ buttons installed along with the Facebook like and Twitter this buttons.

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